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Artist, Lawyer, etc.
Alfred Steiner, Cairn 2, 2013, Found wilderness route marker (in situ and in studio)


al·ter v.t., to create, change or affect a thing, excluding merely changing its context or pointing to it. alt·er·er n., a human who alters.

ar·ti·fact n., any artificial thing to the extent that it is capable of revealing to a human observer the fact that it was altered.


Dimensions variable
Digital photographs
Edition limited by the number of people suitably equipped and capable of following the instructions

The work is an edition comprising the first photograph taken by each person in keeping with these instructions:

Place your camera-enabled mobile phone screen-up on the nearest approximately flat, horizontal surface, without regard to the phone’s orientation. Open the standard camera application for your phone. Select the camera lens that faces up. Press the shutter button with your dominant hand’s index finger. Follow these instructions as quickly as possible, without introducing any decisions of your own, e.g., intentionally orienting the phone sideways. Failure to do so voids any resulting photograph’s status as an edition of the work.

Dimensions variable
Transparent material, art museum

The work comprises a transparent, linear tunnel installed between two distinct openings (i.e., entrances or exits) of an art museum such that visitors may pass through the museum without leaving the tunnel or going through a door. Aside from these two openings, the…

Dimensions variable

The work comprises the photograph created as follows:

Obtain camera with a fully-automated setting and set camera on that setting. Randomly generate latitude and longitude in the Degree, Minutes and Seconds format (DD° MM’ SS.S”) by flipping coins, rolling dice, etc. Go there. (If location is on water, boat or swim to location and get in.) Randomly generate offset from true north from 0 to 360 degrees. Face that way. Flip coin to determine landscape or portrait orientation. Orient camera accordingly. Randomly generate angle of elevation from 0 (pointing directly down) to 180 (pointing directly up). Point camera at that angle and take photograph.

Alfred Steiner

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