Dimensions variable
Transparent material, art museum

The work comprises a transparent, linear tunnel installed between two distinct openings (i.e., entrances or exits) of an art museum such that visitors may pass through the museum without leaving the tunnel or going through a door. Aside from these two openings, the tunnel may not have any other entrances or exits, except for emergency exits as required by applicable building codes. The tunnel must be made primarily of transparent material (e.g., glass, acrylic, etc.) and be large enough for most people to walk through without slouching. The tunnel must be open all day, every day while it is installed, and may not have doors, curtains or other obstructions at either of its openings, which must be entirely open to the outside. It must be possible for people to see at least one other work in the museum when walking from one end of the work to the other.

Artist, Lawyer, etc.